Welcoming our first translation intern

Here at AJT, we love nurturing young language talent. We’re very excited to welcome our new translation intern, Teresa, to the team!

Teresa, 22, joins us all the way from Heidelberg in Germany where she is in the last year of her degree in translation science. Over the next two months, Teresa will immerse herself in language. Whether it’s translating websites, apps or business docs for our international clients, creating blog content on the ins and outs of education in translation and the translation industry or helping us to launch our volunteer translation scheme – she will be an integral part of AJT.

Teresa has always loved languages and with both her parents being translators, the step towards a translation career was a natural one. On top of German and English she also studies French and learns to translate anything from the literary to the legal. A true translator at heart, Teresa is no stranger to travelling and working in different countries: she has already spent six months working in Australia and a semester studying in Belgium.

We’re convinced the Cornish north coast will provide just the right breath of fresh air for new ideas, inspiration and a lot of fun. Willkommen liebe Teresa!