Meet our team

We are a close-knit team of linguists, united by our passion for language and international communication. We care deeply about creating meaningful and impactful translations that help our clients succeed in the European marketplace. Our in-house team currently consists of English, German and French native speakers from Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Anja Jones

Managing Director

Equipped with a degree in Linguistics and French from Sussex University and 10 years’ experience working in a variety of sectors including tourism and hospitality, financial risk assessment, logistics, administration and event management, Anja started AJT in 2010 with the aim of helping companies to access overseas markets.

Anja is a strong advocate of encouraging young language talent into the translation industry, and believes it’s important to nurture the next generation of professional human translators.

In her spare time, Anja loves to surf and spend time on the beach.

Mark Jones

Business Development Director

After studying Sports Science and Leisure Management at Brunel University, Mark started his career in the late nineties in advertising sales, quickly working his way up to Key Accounts Manager for New Scientist, one of Europe’s most read publications. He then moved into business development, working both for start-ups as well as established companies looking to increase revenues and client base.

Mark brings creativity and commercial expertise to our team. Drawing on his extensive experience in sales and business development, he makes sure we stay on track and on trend with our product offering.

Mark is a keen surfer and, when there’s no surf, loves going fishing on his kayak.

Nikki Cowland

Office Manager

Nikki joined AJT armed with 20 years’ admin experience, a degree in Spanish and French and a PGCE under her belt. Having worked in local media, executive search, law firms, and as a language tutor and proofreader, she brings a wide-ranging skill set to the team. Nikki loves all things language and would love to learn German next.

Since her arrival, Nikki has fully streamlined AJT’s accounting and payroll processes for clients and freelance translators. She works closely with Anja to continuously develop and update HR and office procedures for the in-house team, and organises great Christmas outings – she’s the glue that holds the office together! No two days at AJT headquarters are the same, and that’s what she loves.

Cornwall is Nikki’s home turf, Newquay her home town, and she is passionate about both. If she’s not out walking the coast path, soaking up the sun or splashing about in the sea you’ll probably find her in the kitchen planning her next culinary creation.

Sarah Steib-Weber

Group Project Manager

Sarah started her language career with a German degree at Lyon University followed by a degree in Business and Languages at Brighton University. During and after her studies she worked at American Express, where amongst other things she focused on process optimisation, as well as project and people management.

Having been part of the AJT family since the beginning, she manages all aspects of our English to French and Dutch translation projects from her office in Lyon.

Sarah is passionate about the environment, loves cooking for friends and family and is planning on building up her own little veggie patch. She has passed on her passion for languages to her daughter whom she strives to bring up in a multi-cultural environment. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys travelling to discover new cultures, reading in the company of her cats, and practising yoga.

Esteban Hack

Project Manager German & English

Esteban looks after our translation projects from English into German.

Originally from Germany, he’s quite the globetrotter: he’s lived in France, the USA and the UK, and speaks fluent German and English. He also has a good working knowledge of French.

Esteban is a keen surfer and ocean lover, and graduated from Plymouth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Sports Science in 2016.

Surfing is actually his second love, the first being music, especially the heavier niches of metal music. He’s very passionate about it and it takes up a lot of his spare time, whether that’s making music himself, going to concerts or festivals, or just staying up to date with what’s happening in the various scenes.

Ariane Bauer

Project Manager, European and non-European languages

Ariane hails from North-Eastern France where she completed a BA in Modern Languages (English and French) followed by a Master’s degree in Professional Translation at the University of Strasbourg in 2016.

Before joining AJT, Ariane worked as a translation project manager in Nottingham where she honed her multitasking and organisational skills. She enjoys working in a fast-paced environment organising multilingual projects. Ariane is responsible for a variety of our direct client projects translating from and into English, as well as our DTP (desktop publishing) services.

Ariane is a food lover. Baker at heart, she enjoys keeping the team fed with various pastries, biscuits and cakes. She hits the gym regularly to limit the damage of the sugar overload.

Alicia Pretot

Senior French Translator

Alicia grew up near Besançon in the French region of Franche-Comté. She completed her Master’s degree in translation at the Institute of Translators, Interpreters and International Relations in Strasbourg where she graduated in 2016. With a specialisation in technical and literary translation, Alicia is interested in new technologies as well as arts, and in her spare time she enjoys illustrating and writing.

Having visited Cornwall before she arrived at AJT, Alicia was really excited to come to live and work in this region where she is able to revisit her favourite places, such as the Eden Project and St Ives to name but a few.

Lucie Gravier

Senior French Translator

Also from Franche-Comté, Lucie too has a Master’s degree in Technical Translation from the Institute of Translators, Interpreters and International Relations in Strasbourg.

A head-over-heels Anglophile, Lucie loves to immerse herself in all things English. In fact, before settling on a translation career, a life as an English teacher was seriously on the cards.

Lucie is a lover of the outdoors and has inherited a passion for travel from her parents. She has already visited many far-flung corners of the world – Newquay and Cornwall included.

Christine Gratt

German Translator

Hailing from the Tyrol in Austria, Christine joins us equipped with BAs and MAs in Translation Studies and Linguistics from the University of Innsbruck – two of each, no less! Christine’s love of linguistics has seen her study numerous languages during her time at Innsbruck. In addition to core languages of English, Spanish and of course her native German, there’s Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian and Turkish, too.

Christine loves baking and the outdoor lifestyle. She can be seen walking our beautiful coast path and is keen to get out on the mountain bike trails as soon as possible. There’s yoga and badminton too, and she’s keen to try her hand at surfing.

Nadine Rieser

German Translator

With a BA in Multilingual Communication, an MA in Translation and Technologies from the University of Geneva, a stint working as a project manager for a translation company in Lausanne, experience teaching English and German to children and young people, and an earlier background working in the book industry, Nadine has a good understanding not only of the translation industry and of business in general, but also of language and the doors it can open for young people: she brings a great many strengths to our team!

Nadine is also a dedicated fitness enthusiast and already a committed member of the local gym, where she can be seen flexing her weightlifting muscles.

Eve Stenger

Junior French Translator

Eve holds an  MA in Translation from the ITIRI at the University of Strasbourg, an MA in Applied Translation from the University of Leeds (England) and a BA in Literatures, Languages and Cultures of the English-Speaking World from the University of Strasbourg.

With dual Franco-British nationality, Eve has a keen interest in the English language and culture and never misses an opportunity to explore new English-speaking locations.

A self-confessed bookworm and a series binge-watcher, Eve also loves the great outdoors and likes to try new things and test her limits. This summer, alone with her backpack, she spent four days hiking on the GR20 trail in Corsica. On the agenda for Eve’s time in Cornwall: road-tripping around the county, tea and scones at every opportunity, and surfing.

Gaëlle Sagot

Junior French Translator

After completing a six-month internship with AJT, Gaëlle joined our in-house French team as a fully-fledged Junior Translator.

Gaëlle graduated from Grenoble Alps University with a European MA in Specialised Translation and also has a BA in Applied Languages from the University of Nantes. Having always loved languages, a life-changing year abroad aged 17 saw Gaëlle living the life of a Japanese student in Nagoya, Japan. This experience instilled in Gaëlle the true importance of communication, respect for other cultures, and how good translation (and good translators) can facilitate intercultural relationships.

A keen bodyboarder, Gaëlle can often be found in the sea and is enjoying Newquay’s surfing scene with the rest of our team.

Ronald Janzen

Junior German Translator

Ronald is a true polyglot who speaks German, English, Spanish and Russian. He holds an MA in Conference Interpreting, a BA in Language, Culture and Translation from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, and worked as a web content analyst before joining our team.

In his free time Ronald likes to cook, especially Asian and Indian food, and he’s a keen runner. He’s also an orca enthusiast and plans to travel wherever he needs to go to see these beautiful creatures in the wild.

Since arriving in Newquay Ronald has been bitten by the surfing bug and has already bought his own wetsuit. Along with honing his translation skills during his time with AJT he’s also hoping to build on his new-found surfing prowess.

Caro Gutsmiedl

Junior German Translator

Caro holds a BA in International Communication and Translation from the University of Hildesheim in Germany. A passionate language lover, she speaks German, English, French and Spanish, and worked as volunteer for the Erasmus Student Network during her time at university.

Caro listens only to Ludovico Einaudi when she translates! Outside of work, she’s a keen yogi, loves experimenting in the kitchen and enjoys travelling with her boyfriend to discover new food and wine. She’s also a terrible driver and would never dare to drive on the left in English traffic!

Caro is embracing life in Newquay and has recently begun taking bachata lessons. She’s looking forward to visiting the Eden Project and some of our gorgeous stately homes but, for the time being, seems a little less enthusiastic about surfing.

Melanie Morawetz

Junior German Translator – In-house remote (Austria)

After completing a three-month internship in 2019, Melanie was welcomed back to AJT as an in-house remote translator.

Having graduated from the University of Vienna with an MA in Translation for Media, Literature and Arts and holding a BA in Transcultural Communication, she is passionate about language and speaks fluent German, English and French.

Melanie is a keen traveller, and has studied and worked in Ireland, Switzerland and the UK. She loves working with children, having taught German, English and French for several years as a language tutor in her hometown Vienna. When not working, she loves grabbing her camera to take photos of mesmerising sunsets, bustling cities and anything else that might catch her eye. She also enjoys going for long evening walks.

Theresa Berns

Junior German Translator – In-house remote (Germany)

After graduating from high school Theresa spent two years as an au pair in the USA and then completed a two-year apprenticeship to become a foreign language assistant (German, English, French, Spanish). After that she worked as a customer service representative for a food analysis company where she was asked to translate some brochures and discovered her passion for translation.

With a BA in Language, Culture and Translation from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Theresa is currently working on her MA in Translation. She was an intern at AJT in the summer of 2019 and is now a part of our in-house remote translation team working from her home in Frankfurt.

Theresa loves to travel and is a really outdoorsy person, especially when near mountain regions, and hopes one day to visit Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Mozambique. She also loves dogs, going to concerts and cooking vegetarian meals.

Nicole Gansterer

Junior German Editor – In-house remote – Vienna

Nicole is from Vienna and completed her BA at the University of Vienna. After a six-month exchange program at Aston University as part of the BA, she returned to Birmingham to complete an MA in Translation Studies.

On returning to Vienna she began working as a freelance translator, from English and French into German, and has joined AJT’s in-house remote team as an editor .

As she is a true Austrian, Nicole loves winter sports, in particular skiing – in fact there wasn’t much time between her learning to walk and starting to ski.  In the summer, though, she swaps her skis for roller-skates and hiking boots. She also loves to bake but says her creations always taste better than they look.

Elise Farhat

French Editor – In-house remote (France)

Originally from France, Elise obtained her translation master’s degree in Brussels, Belgium. Quite the bookworm, she specialised in literary translation and can often be spotted surrounded by piles of books. She has been working as a freelance localisation expert and project manager ever since she graduated.

Elise is also a passionate traveller and hiker. You might have crossed her path in Canada, Australia, Slovenia, New Zealand, Scotland or Wales. All sorts of random things float her boat – as long as they demand some sort of creativity: falconry, restoring old wooden wagons, growing her own vegetables, making sure the house is always full of homemade supplies, and more. Put forward new and peculiar ideas and you can be sure to have her on board.

Anna Lenartowska

Project Manager – In-house remote (UK)

Since completing her MA in translation studies at the University of Portsmouth, Anna has been actively involved in the translation and localisation industry. Over the last nine years she has risen up through the ranks from assistant project coordinator to a senior project manager, and we’re thrilled that she can now bring all that expertise to AJT.

As well as a translator and project manager, Anna is also an experienced EFL teacher, having taught English to both children and adults in Poland. She has also volunteered as a translator for a number of humanitarian organisations over the years.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys going to live gigs and a perfect weekend for her is a city break with an evening concert thrown in. She’s been collecting music for as long as she can remember, starting with cassettes and CDs, and is now slowly expanding her vinyl collection. Anna loves hiking, cycling and spending time with her fiancé and their two rescue English Bull Terriers, that she adores.