Morse Felt Studio: Website and document translation into French and German

Morse Felt Studio: Website and document translation into French and German

We have recently been working with Morse Felt, a French textile company that works with artisanal wool felt, to create an English version of their website, as well as translating workshop material into both English and German.

Morse Felt Studio, which develops hand-designed contemporary creations using the often underrated material, contacted us as they were hoping to reach new markets and spread the word about their brand. It could be said that the studio belongs to a dying breed – and Creator Elisabeth Berthon is very keen to reassert the value of artisanal production.

Our translation team translated various website pages concerning the production of wool felt, their collection, the different exhibitions they have displayed in, and also a page which gave insight into Elisabeth’s inspiration for developing the company. On top of this, we translated brochures about workshops the studio were holding to get people involved in crafting with felt.

Some of the texts were quite technical in nature, discussing the specificities of the craft. We have certainly enjoyed getting touchy feely with felt!

I first contacted AJT to translate my two websites into English, and from then on worked with them whenever I needed a text translated into English or German.

I’m a textile artist working with felt and nature printing and my specialised, niche work calls for some very specific technical terminology. I was amazed to receive such well researched and finalised translations within almost record time. We discussed any issues with meaning as and when they came up, allowing for idiomatic expressions to be adapted from one language to the other. There was no need to chase to get the work back within my very short deadlines.

AJT’s reactivity and competence is very impressive!

Elisabeth Berthon
Creator, Morse Felt Studio

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