Globell B.V.: English to German and German to English marketing translation and SEO

Globell B.V.: English to German and German to English marketing translation and SEO

Globell B.V. is a leading software distributor and publisher in the heart of Europe with nearly two decades of experience in building software brands, market launches and the development of new markets and customers. With excellent sales channels and a real talent for distribution management, Globell makes brands measurably more successful. Globell’s offering encompasses the management of entire brands: from distribution, production, marketing and PR all the way to logistics and technical support for end customers.

SEO optimisation and translation for digital and offline content

We have been working with Globell B.V. since 2011 and have been involved in a variety of different projects. One of our first projects revolved around the creation and SEO optimisation of English product pages for a range of different software products. Since then we have provided English to German translations for webpages, software user guides, tutorials and white papers. Most recently, we have translated press releases and Powerpoint presentations from German into UK English. Our translation service always includes professional translation followed by professional proofreading and our translators are always native speakers of the target language, whether that is UK English or German, depending on the specific project.

As an international company in the software industry, we look for precision and competency when localising our products and product communications. Anja Jones Translation have not only met our high expectations during every single project, they have excelled in terms of speed and professional expertise – so much so, that we’ll happily recommend them to our international partners.

Hakan Keser
Senior Manager PR & MarCom, Globell B.V.

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