Equinix: English to French website translation and localisation of marketing collateral

Equinix: English to French website translation and localisation of marketing collateral

Equinix is the world’s largest IBX data centre & colocation provider, offering the fastest application performance and lowest latency routes worldwide. Entire industries converge within Equinix data centres to share data faster, uncover business opportunities and speed growth. Equinix is home to thousands of companies in dozens of industries, providing far more than simply colocation and power. Equinix provide the power of connection.

French website translation for Equinix

When Equinix were looking to source translation services for their French website, one of the main objectives was to find a translation agency that could really get under the skin of what the company does and provide a natural sounding translation for the French market. Due to the technical nature of the company and the industry-specific terminology, the best approach was to work very closely with the French sales and marketing team so that we could establish the right terminology, fine-tune the tone of voice and produce a translation that would represent Equinix adequately to their French audience.

A 3-step workflow was set up, including professional translation, professional editing and a final review step carried out by the French marketing team. Working on the Smartling platform was a major advantage in creating a smooth translation workflow. The Smartling platform also allows translators to ask very specific questions about Equinix’s terminology and services, which the French marketing team can answer right within the platform.

Anja Jones Translation have been working very closely with our French marketing team to ensure that both the terminology and tone of voice of our website are appropriate for the French market. We are very happy with the translation quality and the professional approach to each translation project. As a result of the quality and the understanding of Equinix as a business, we are now using AJT’s translation services for some of our other localised websites as well.

John Wroath
EMEA – Digital Manager, Equinix

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