Oh how “pinteresting”: Cornish companies help adapt Pinterest for UK market

Oh how “pinteresting”: Cornish companies help adapt Pinterest for UK market

Pinterest, the image-based social bookmarking and sharing site that’s hailed as the next big thing in the world of social media, has enlisted the help of Cornwall-based Anja Jones Translation (AJT) to adapt their website and mobile apps for the UK market.

“For Pinterest, long-term success depends upon building strong relationships with its users, regardless of the language they speak. It is all about engaging with people, inspiring them, encouraging them to share the things they love and to inspire others”, explains Anja Jones. “Pinterest wanted to show their dedication to the UK market and we were delighted to be recommended for the job.”

AJT partnered up with Stranger Collective for the project, a Penryn-based copy writing agency who are fine-tuned to the nuances between British and American English. “We had already worked with Stranger Collective last year on a multilingual project for Coca-Cola and were really keen to have them on board for this project”, says Anja. “Localising websites and apps is not just about changing a few z’s here and there, it’s looking at the text as a whole and really providing a user experience that feels ‘native’ to UK users.”

All translations were carried out using a platform developed by NY-based technology company Smartling, who, having worked with AJT for over 3 years, were happy to recommend them for such a high profile client.

Over the last few weeks, AJT have also been reviewing and editing Pinterest’s French website and apps which officially re-launched this week.