New translation graduate joins our team

New translation graduate joins our team

We’re thrilled to welcome Lucie Gravier to AJT, boosting the ranks of the ever-growing in-house French team to a ‘fantastique’ four!

Lucie joins us armed with a Master’s degree in Technical Translation from the Institute of Translators, Interpreters and International Relations in Strasbourg, her home town, and she’s settling nicely into her new role as junior in-house translator.

A head-over-heels Anglophile, Lucie loves to immerse herself in all things English. In fact, before settling on a translation career, a life as an English teacher was seriously on the cards. Well, we can safely say that we’re glad you chose translation Lucie – education’s loss is AJT’s gain!

Lucie has inherited a passion for travel from her parents, and has already visited many far-flung corners of the world – Newquay and Cornwall included, naturellement! A lover of the outdoors, she can’t wait to thoroughly explore our beautiful Cornwall, and is planning to join the National Trust – she’s a massive fan.

To relax, Lucie loves nothing better than to settle down to a good movie. She’s an avid film buff and is particularly taken with British period dramas. She also enjoys drawing, with portraiture being her thing – who knows, perhaps we’ll commission her for a Team AJT portrait!