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Junior Translator – in-house positions for recent graduates

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

English to German Junior translator

English to German Junior proofreader

Junior Translator Scheme for recent graduates

Here at AJT we want to support recent translation graduates like you as you embark upon your journey as a freelance translator. That’s why we are pleased to announce the launch of our Graduate Junior Translator Scheme, where we work closely with you to support you on a number of varied and interesting paid projects. We recognise that in this industry gaining translation experience is paramount, and strongly believe that you should be fairly rewarded and supported in your work from the outset. Find out more about our graduate junior translator scheme.

Volunteer translator scheme for translation students

If you are a translation student at university level, working with us on volunteer translations is a great way to gain experience on real-life projects, giving you a head-start as you embark on your translation career. You will be working with our team of  professional proofreaders/editors who will check your work and provide constructive feedback along the way. Learn from experts in the field while donating your time to a good cause. Find out more about our volunteer translator scheme.

Translation internships

We offer internship placements for German and French translation students who are required to carry out an internship at a translation agency as part oft their degree program. We typically offer placements to students with the language combination English to German and English to French. Placements usually last two to three months, depending on the requirements of the university. If you would like to find out more about our internship program, please email

UPDATE: Are you looking for a translation internship in 2018? We have the following dates still available:

  • 8-week internship from 11th June to 3rd August 2018
  • 3-month internship from 8th October 2018

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