Fresh talent in the house: welcoming our latest translation intern Felice

Fresh talent in the house: welcoming our latest translation intern Felice

Last week we were joined by Felice Peters, our new German intern, who will be with us until October.

Originally from Berlin in Germany, Felice is in the third year of a Bachelor Plus degree in Translation Studies at Heidelberg University.

Before embarking on her chosen route of study, and during her final years at senior school, Felice took part in a cross-border youth exchange program in Northern Ireland/Eire and worked as an au pair in Cork and London, all the while studying and improving her English.

While at Heidelberg, Felice’s course has enabled her to not only study in Spain for 18 months, gaining Spanish as a third language, but also for a short time in Belgium, which has given her a smattering of Dutch, too. She is currently considering getting a fourth language under her belt, French, during her final year at university.

In addition to her love of languages, Felice enjoys watercolour painting, is a pretty good pianist and is even currently learning to play the drums.

Next step for Felice: a Masters in Conference Interpreting, perhaps…although she does appear to be rather enjoying her experience of ‘real life’ translation here at AJT.

Are you interested in a translation internship at our company? We offer internship placements for German and French translation students who are required to carry out an internship at a translation agency as part oft their degree program. We typically offer placements to students with the language combination English to German and English to French. Placements usually last two to three months, depending on the requirements of the university. If you would like to find out more about our internship program, please email