Say hi to our new translation intern Pauline

Say hi to our new translation intern Pauline

Our new German intern Pauline has arrived, and brought with her bags of enthusiasm!

Pauline’s interest in languages started early: first came German, then French, and a stint in Boston on a musical theatre scholarship piqued her interest in English. But her ‘lightbulb moment’ came as she started work on a volunteer project in Colombia after high school. Unable to communicate at all in Spanish, the importance of language learning hit home and now (having mastered Spanish too, by the way) Pauline is midway through a Bachelor’s degree in Multilingual Communication at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Aside from her love of languages, new cultures and new people, Pauline loves the outdoor lifestyle. She has already started learning to surf and is often out walking the coast path. She tells us she was competing in triathlons (albeit of the local village variety!) aged five, but tends to leave the bicycle at home these days, sticking mainly to running and swimming.

Pauline is not yet sure where her future lies, but she knows it lies in languages, and with her passion for singing and acting, well who knows where we might see her name in lights in the years to come!

We offer internship placements for German and French translation students who are required to carry out an internship at a translation agency as part oft their degree program. We typically offer placements to students with the language combination English to German and English to French. Placements usually last two to three months, depending on the requirements of the university. If you would like to find out more about our internship program, please email