Gripsure: French and German document and website translation

Gripsure: French and German document and website translation

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In the last few months, we have been getting a firm grip on all things decking-related for British anti-slip timber decking manufacturer Gripsure, translating a number of documents and also website material into French, German, and a bit of Swedish too.

Based in Bugle, Cornwall, Gripsure is currently the leading European manufacturer of specialist non slip timber decking. Managing Director Mike Nicolson first contacted us to translate several documents into German and French for their expanding markets there, including terms and conditions of sale and a number of product specifications. These specifications were at times quite technical, and our in-house teams liaised closely with Mike to ensure that more complicated terms were translated in the best way possible.

We later translated Gripsure’s website text into German, including their Homepage, About page and client case studies, along with a holding page in Swedish, comprising a reduced version of their webpages for Swedish-speaking clients. Along the course of our work with Gripsure, we have also translated tradeshow leaflets. We are continuing to work with the company and are looking forward to getting all hands on deck(ing) for the next project!

Click here to see the German version of Gripsure’s website translated by our in-house team.

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We were very pleased with the professional service provided by AJT. We needed our website, which features some very specific technical details, translated into French and German as well as a few bits of text for product literature and trade shows to help develop our business internationally. When contacting the office with queries we had a quick response. We will certainly use them for future translations.