My first steps into the world of translation

My first steps into the world of translation

Before I learned about Anja Jones Translation, I was always a little wary about internships and working for free, since my university teachers warned us about it. However, after coming across this opportunity and reading a bit more about AJT on their website, I decided it was worth a shot. The first impression I got was that it was a small, friendly and driven team of translators. Over the course of the next eight weeks, this impression was proven right many times.

I have already achieved the first year of a Master’s degree in translation, but before AJT I had no concrete experience in working as an actual translator. This, in addition to moving to a new place for the summer, made the whole experience very daunting (however exciting) for me. I was told I would be treated like one of the in-house translators right away, and my biggest worry was to not meet Anja’s expectations, and to feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of work or the difficulty of the projects.

However, I was given full training for the different software programs used by the company, and plenty of patient advice during my period of adaptation. I really appreciated the fact that I was introduced to the working process step-by-step, but trusted immediately.

The translations I was given were varied and interesting. I worked a lot with one big client’s content, which made me realise the importance of being consistent in the way you translate, and of knowing what your client does and what your audience might expect. I had plenty of time to get to know this client, but working sporadically with several other ones also allowed me to practice looking for exactly the information I need for the job, when I’m given a short period to submit the completed work.

Although I was mostly given translation missions using the Smartling software, I also had the opportunity to translate and write several blog posts, as well as editing other people’s translations. On top of this, I had the chance to help out Anja with some project management, which was an interesting first approach to owning your own translation business, and to managing a team’s work. I feel like I have gained a lot of concrete experience, which will definitely matter very soon, as my studies are coming to an end.

Altogether, I will keep very happy memories about the couple of months I spent at AJT. The whole team is helpful, friendly and dedicated, the office surroundings are gorgeous, and I now feel a lot more confident in my ability to conquer the professional world in a few months, when I finish my Master’s degree!