Hotel website translation and international SEO go hand in hand

Hotel website translation and international SEO go hand in hand

The hotel industry is a crowded market place with many competitors essentially selling the same service (accommodation). What differentiates your hotel from any other in your area is to some extent down to the ancillary services you offer (gastronomy, health and fitness, daycare facilities etc), but to a much bigger extent it is down to your brand strategy, i.e. what type of hotel you market yourself as. Are you a family-oriented hotel or hotel aimed at couples? Are you a luxury boutique hotel or a budget hotel? Your brand strategy isn’t advertised on your website with big banners saying ‘We are a family hotel’ for example but it is communicated through the layout of your website, the images you use and, most importantly, through the words you use: how you address your potential clients, the type of words you use to describe your hotel and what kind of overall tone you set with the text on your website.

Overseas customers who don’t have the benefit of understanding your English text will miss a huge part of what your hotel is all about, if your website isn’t translated into their language. A recent survey by the EU Barometer showed that websites that are not translated (or are poorly translated), alienate European internet users and put them off purchasing: only 18{1de33139afa6f24d7ca5c0dfea838922ccbf3d7c02f63def12b6b29448042275} of European internet users would consider buying from a website that is not in their mother tongue.

Your website needs to be well-written in the language of the customers you are trying to entice. Your website needs to make sense in their language and in their culture – otherwise you are just another hotel that will be judged against its competitors purely on price and location.

Of course, there’s no point in having a lovely website in French or German, if your potential clients can’t find it. That’s why it is so important to tie in the website translation with search engine optimisation, from the start. Researching and deciding on keywords before the translation gets started will ensure that your foreign language sites will be content-optimised.

We can offer you the complete website translation package, including market and keyword research, website translation and content creation. We can help you build Google Adword campaigns and we can even run social media accounts for you.

So if you’re keen on getting more customers on your website and into your hotel, give us a call.