Cornish Agency Provides Translation Services to World’s Leading Companies

Cornish Agency Provides Translation Services to World’s Leading Companies


The Cornwall-based translation agency, Anja Jones Translation, has just completed translating the French website of the global interconnection and data centre company, Equinix. The translation project from English into French, is a key part of Equinix’s online marketing strategy in EMEA.

The translation had to be right, the first time, and had to reflect the organisation’s core values, specialism and professionalism.  NYC-based Smartling, creators of the first full-service, cloud-based translation management platform, recommended Anja Jones Translation as the agency that would deliver.

“It wasn’t a straight-forward translation”, commented, Anja Jones, the founder of Anja Jones Translation. “It needed to be localised for the target market and effectively communicate with its intended audience.  It was essential that it read like marketing literature written by native speakers.”

Led by the French project manager, Sarah Steib-Weber, the French team worked on the project for two months, and produced a translation of the highest quality.  “We have a large team of talented and motivated translators, both in French and German, which is key to our offering,” Anja explains. “However, it’s the combination of our translators and the Smartling translation platform, vital for the smooth transition and effective communication with our clients, that ensures the best possible outcome for all our clients.”

Equinix, who operates data centres and provides interconnection and data centre services to some of the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Yahoo! and Sony, to name just a few, were delighted with the translation and the French site went live in November.

For more than two years, Anja Jones Translation has worked with Smartling and has become a trusted translation agency for the technology company. .Smartling designed and developed a pioneering translation management platform, which enables translators to collaborate in real-time and eliminates the need for sending files back and forth. “The Smartling platform has revolutionised the way agencies translate and communicate with their clients,” said Mark Elkin, VP of client services, Smartling, Inc. “The traditional translation process is tedious and time-consuming, but our collaborative, cloud-based platform is a new, better way of working that’s proven effective for many clients such as Shell, Orange, GoPro, Vimeo, Spotify and now, of course, Equinix.”