Welcoming our new German in-house translator

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Introducing Noreen, our translation intern for the summer

We are today extending a very warm welcome to our translation intern Noreen, who will be joining us over the summer months. Originally from Lille, France, Noreen is half-way through a 2-year Masters in Translation at the University of Lille. She is pleased to be back in the UK, where she feels right at home,


Welcoming Vincente, our new French translator

It is our pleasure to introduce the lovely Vincente, our new French translator who joined our growing team last week. Hailing from Orléans, France, Vincente is a bit of a globetrotter, having lived in Denmark and Belgium and also Dundee, Scotland. She is now really excited to get to know the south west of England and further


What to expect from a translation internship at AJT

When it comes to internships, one can’t help but think of “important” tasks such as making photocopies, brewing coffee or doing the grocery shopping for your manager’s in-laws (speaking from experience there…). Unfortunately this stereotype is true for some internships – but luckily it’s far from the truth for a translation internship at AJT! Here’s


What makes an excellent freelance translator? 5 traits that translation agencies look for

Starting out as a freelance translator can be tough. It’s hard enough trying to land your first translation job without much experience (everyone wants experienced translators but how can you get experience in the first place?). And once you HAVE got that first translation project, how do you retain that customer so they turn into


Introducing our new German translator

We’re so pleased to introduce you to our new German translator, Daniel Wagener. Originally from multilingual Luxembourg, Daniel developed a natural interest for all things language from a young age. With his first class BA in German Studies from the University of Luxembourg and subsequent MA in Professional Translation from Swansea University, he is well equipped


New translation intern in the house: A big welcome to Caro!

We’re excited to welcome our new translation intern Caro here at the AJT headquarters in Newquay. Originally from Luxembourg, Caro is a true polyglot who speaks Luxembourgish, German, French and English!  A career in languages was pretty much predestined and, after a short stint in Wales studying library studies, she decided that translation is her real passion. Currently,