AJT in December issue of Forbes Magazine

AJT in December issue of Forbes Magazine

What does AJT have in common with Apple, Tesla, and GoPro? Aside from all being great companies, they’re also all mentioned in the December 2014 issue of Forbes Magazine!

To be more exact, Apple, Tesla, GoPro and co. have been listed as some of the most reputable clients of the innovative translation platform Smartling in the article “Translate Your App: How Smartling Goes Global With Apple, Tesla, GoPro And More”. And as one of Smartling’s preferred referral partners, AJT’s Anja was quoted too.

As part of their research for the article, Forbes had interviewed Anja back in November and clearly made a good choice when picking the following sentence out of the 45-minute telephone conversation in which Anja raved about the features and functions of her favorite translation technology:

The traditional tools work like a 1995 PC, but Smartling is more like Facebook or Twitter – it’s sexy,” says English-German translator Anja Jones. She expanded her own agency with work from Smartling. Jones says she onboards new freelancers in less than half an hour.

The article also elaborates on Smartling being “an early mover with more than 300 clients” and “the fastest way to help clients expand abroad”.

If you would like to know more about the Smartling technology or discuss your internationalisation strategy, please get in touch. After all, as Forbes author Brian Solomon concludes, “these days everyone wants to go abroad”. 🙂