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Expressing politeness in Thai

To be polite when speaking to Thai people can be quite tricky because in Thailand the word ‘please’ (‘กรุณา’) is hardly heard in normal day life. Normally in English we would say ‘Can I have…..please?’ but in Thai we would just say ‘เอา (ao)’ which means ‘I want’ instead. But even though the word ‘please’


10 common Thai proverbs … and what they mean in English

Just like any other language, Thai has many proverbs and sayings. Here are my top 10 favourite proverbs and what they mean in English: สีซอให้ควายฟัง (see sor hai kwai fang) Translation: To play the violin for the buffalo to listen to. Meaning: Talking to a brick wall. (The person you are speaking to does not listen.) หนีเสื่อประจระเข้ (nee seua pa jo ra kay)