Standing out from the crowd: An ode to good translators

Standing out from the crowd: An ode to good translators

Over the last few years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some cracking translators in a variety of languages. Here’s a little summary of what we look for in translators. 

Quality: Our star translators don’t just translate from A to B. They research the client’s industry and appropriate terminology, immerse themselves in the subject matter and seek clarification if there is any ambiguity in the source text. They have a fluid style that is adapted to the tone of voice of the client’s source text, all the while ensuring that the translation is culturally appropriate in the target market.

Empathy: People say the client is always right. While that is debatable, our translators always put themselves in the client’s shoes. If a source text is a little unusual or a word is ungrammatical, they ask themselves: Is this an error on the client’s part or could this be intentional to set the client’s brand apart from other competitors?

Communication: Our star translators are good at communicating – full stop. Whether it’s to do with deadlines, delivery formats, asking questions about the source text or giving feedback, communicating in a timely and concise manner is what we look for.

Enthusiasm: Our star translators love their jobs and their enthusiasm shines through in their translations, their attention to detail and their sheer creativity.

Our star translators are business people, succinct and creative in their writing and professional in their approach to every single project. Thank you guys – you rock!!