Great success! AJT becomes preferred referral partner for pioneering translation technology

Anja Jones Translation has been named as one of the select few Preferred Partners under Smartling’s Referral Partner Program last week. Smartling is a translation software provider that simplifies and accelerates the translation and localisation process for companies reaching a global market. Here at AJT we have been working with the Smartling platform for over four years and the Preferred Partner Status recognises our experience with the industry leading translation technology as well as our continuous commitment to delivering high quality services.

Smartling: “The Preferred Partner status is awarded to organisations that have a proven track record of expertise using Smartling’s technology on joint customer localisation projects, as well as providing excellent translation quality and customer service.”

“Our Preferred Partners exemplify our commitment to offering our customers the most advanced technology alongside the best translation solutions the industry has to offer.”

“Being chosen as one of only six Preferred Smartling Partners worldwide is a great honour”, says Anja. “It demonstrates our experience with and knowledge of one of the most innovative translation technologies on the market. As boutique agency we are committed to offering our customers high-quality translations as well as a management platform that speeds up the localisation process, simplifies content management and drives down translation cost over time. With Smartling we have found a partner that enables us to provide exactly that, and more.”