Welcoming our new German translation intern

We’re super happy to welcome Leonie Mühlbauer to the team. Leonie joins as our new German intern and will be with us for the next three months. Originally from Heidelberg, Leonie is studying at Leipzig University for a joint BA in Translation Studies and Arabic and Islamic Studies – what a fantastic combination!

Growing up Leonie always knew she wanted to do something with languages and to help people connect with each other. She’d originally planned to study French, but a change of heart saw her choose Arabic instead, and so a door was opened to a vast new beautiful world of language and culture. She’s not yet sure where her path will lead, but perhaps an MA in conference interpreting is on the cards – she’s certainly a natural communicator.

Leonie isn’t shy of travelling, having recently returned from five months studying at the German Jordanian University in Amman. She’s also spent time in Cairo, which gave her language a boost in the early days, and lived in the UK for a year, working in London as an au pair, when she first got the opportunity to visit Cornwall.

Leonie’s really chuffed to be back in the South West, she’s a big fan of the outdoors and loves walking the coast path. She’s also quickly getting to know the fun places to hang out with friends in Newquay – we’re sure she’s going to have a whale of a time while she’s with us.

New translation graduate joins our team

We’re thrilled to welcome Lucie Gravier to AJT, boosting the ranks of the ever-growing in-house French team to a ‘fantastique’ four!

Lucie joins us armed with a Master’s degree in Technical Translation from the Institute of Translators, Interpreters and International Relations in Strasbourg, her home town, and she’s settling nicely into her new role as junior in-house translator.

A head-over-heels Anglophile, Lucie loves to immerse herself in all things English. In fact, before settling on a translation career, a life as an English teacher was seriously on the cards. Well, we can safely say that we’re glad you chose translation Lucie – education’s loss is AJT’s gain!

Lucie has inherited a passion for travel from her parents, and has already visited many far-flung corners of the world – Newquay and Cornwall included, naturellement! A lover of the outdoors, she can’t wait to thoroughly explore our beautiful Cornwall, and is planning to join the National Trust – she’s a massive fan.

To relax, Lucie loves nothing better than to settle down to a good movie. She’s an avid film buff and is particularly taken with British period dramas. She also enjoys drawing, with portraiture being her thing – who knows, perhaps we’ll commission her for a Team AJT portrait!