Get Set For Growth: Anja wins “Business Person of the Year” award

It was the last award of the ceremony after an exciting day of thought-provoking speeches at the Get Set For Growth Business Awards event on Monday: “And the winner of the Business Person of the Year award is… Anja Jones of Anja Jones Translation!” Anja accepted the glass trophy from The Apprentice’s Nick Hewer, Lord Sugar’s right-hand man.

This was only one of many highlights of a day packed with inspiration, entertainment and extremely good food. The mood of the day was set by Get Set For Growth Programme Director Matt Giles with a little test of everyone’s random guessing skills before Ernie Capbert, Branding Director of Finisterre, delivered a powerful speech about the development of the first cold water surfing company in the world. In the space of an hour, Ernie managed to convince the audience that bad ideas are indeed good ideas and that surfing in cold waters can be rewarding, refreshing and even romantic (not that we needed much convincing on that front).

Dale Murray, technological entrepreneur and angel investor, became our personal heroine of the day. “Fail fast, fix fast” – only four of the many words of wisdom from her insightful speech. In the afternoon Nick Hewer told his fascinating story from his beginnings as PR consultant to successful businessman, important public figure and TV personality. The audience was captured by all three speeches and one could feel the entrepreneurial spirit flowing through the room.

“The award is an incredible honour and it has been such a fantastic journey working with Get Set For Growth over the last year. The support I received has been invaluable to AJT and I look forward to continuing this rewarding partnership. It has been great to meet such a variety of entrepreneurs from Cornwall at the event and a huge inspiration to see everyone’s achievements. I’m very proud to be part of such a vibrant business community”, Anja said.

We are delighted to give Anja Jones the award for Business Person of the Year. Anja stood out in this category for being able to really work on leading the business from the top, bringing in new staff to enable her to focus on growth and to also push the fact that her brand values will continue as the business grows and that every customer will get the very best expertise from her translation service. Anja doesn’t just translate she finds the beauty in the language that will compel her clients audiences to engage with them, and businesses to want to engage with Anja Jones Translation.

Karen Hoyle – Deputy Programme Director Get Set For Growth

Crative Translation

Creative translation: Your marketing message on everyone’s lips

“I have bumble bees in my butt”, I once told a friend. He couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently, unlike Germans, the English don’t get bitten by bumble bees when they feel restless – they have ants in their pants. Both seems equally uncomfortable. But knowing these little nuances of languages is the first step to really understanding a different culture.

A good marketing translation requires thorough knowledge of your target culture. It means that sometimes not only the sales text needs to be localised, but also the brand’s visual language. Can you imagine why the following German Waldbusch advert “2 Hemden zum Preis von 1” (buy 1 shirt, get one free) could be offensive to a British audience?

Creative Translation

Example of good transcreation

If you are launching your product or services into foreign realms for the first time, you should make sure your message sounds natural and professional in your target language. This is where creative translation or transcreation comes in. It means not literally translating a sentence or marketing message, but to use the carefully crafted original text as a point of reference in order to create equally enchanting foreign copy. A good example of a well-transcreated brand message is Haribo’s German tagline “Haribo macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso”. Literally translated it reads “Haribo makes children happy, and adults as well” – not very catchy in English. So instead the marketing team came up with “Happy world of Haribo”, which rhymes perfectly with “Kids and adults love it so” and has become just as widely known abroad as the original at home.

First impressions count

To get your marketing translation right from the start is crucial. It sets the tone of your entire international campaign and gives a first impression of your company to customers abroad. High quality copy will resonate with the target audience, whereas poorly translated sales text will fail to build trust in your brand. Ideally, your marketing copy should not only be translated in a clever and catchy way, it should also take into consideration the cultural context and language connotations of both your own and your target language and culture.

Vorsprung durch Technik

The German car industry provides us with prime examples of how culturally loaded language is – and how this can be fully exploited when taking your brand abroad. Both Audi and Volkswagen decided to keep their German slogans “Vorsprung durch Technik” and “Das Auto” in its original language. This is a marketing stroke of genius. The German slogans not only carry their brand across borders, they’re using the language as a signifier to export cultural connotations, or in other words, all those attributes Germans are known for: High quality, innovative engineering and reliability. When it comes to technology, “Made in Germany” is a quality seal that people trust in.

In some circumstances keeping parts of your marketing message in its original language can be just as important as an inventive and high quality transcreation of other parts of your sales copy. Would you like your marketing message to be on everyone’s lips soon – at home and abroad? Get in touch and learn more about our creative translation services.

Great success! AJT becomes preferred referral partner for pioneering translation technology

Anja Jones Translation has been named as one of the select few Preferred Partners under Smartling’s Referral Partner Program last week. Smartling is a translation software provider that simplifies and accelerates the translation and localisation process for companies reaching a global market. Here at AJT we have been working with the Smartling platform for over four years and the Preferred Partner Status recognises our experience with the industry leading translation technology as well as our continuous commitment to delivering high quality services.

Smartling: “The Preferred Partner status is awarded to organisations that have a proven track record of expertise using Smartling’s technology on joint customer localisation projects, as well as providing excellent translation quality and customer service.”

“Our Preferred Partners exemplify our commitment to offering our customers the most advanced technology alongside the best translation solutions the industry has to offer.”

“Being chosen as one of only six Preferred Smartling Partners worldwide is a great honour”, says Anja. “It demonstrates our experience with and knowledge of one of the most innovative translation technologies on the market. As boutique agency we are committed to offering our customers high-quality translations as well as a management platform that speeds up the localisation process, simplifies content management and drives down translation cost over time. With Smartling we have found a partner that enables us to provide exactly that, and more.”