Gone are the days of sending files back and forth, asking your web developer to manually copy and paste translations into webpages. With industry-leading translation technologies, companies with large dynamic websites and apps with frequent release cycles can easily manage the translation process from start to finish.

Translators get to translate straight on your webpage, where they can see their translations in context. App developers can provide context at string level to ensure the translation fits both semantically and spatially. Leverage in-built tools like style guides and glossaries to ensure consistency, and translation memory to reduce translation cost over time.

Here at Anja Jones Translation, we love working with the Smartling platform. It offers a completely transparent translation workflow that can be tailored to your specific project needs. Dynamic websites with ever-changing content, apps with frequent release cycles, projects with large translation volume? Smartling could be the answer for you.

We have been working on the Smartling platform for almost four years and are proud to say we know it inside and out. If you would like to explore the option of using Smartling for your project, why not get in touch to set up a demo call to see the different features in action?

Why should you use translation technology?

Here are some of the advantages of using a translation management system like Smartling:

  • Central Storage

    Store and organise your translation activity and translation memory (previous translations) in one central place.

  • Translation memory

    Leverage translation memory to drive down future translation cost (i.e. the system recognises previously translated sentences and the translation provider can offer discounted rates for such texts.) If there is a big bulk of translation that is exactly the same as a previous translation, you can also ‘smart match’ it so it completely by-passes the translation process, saving you even more money.

  • Ease of use

    Use an easy to use online platform to translate web content that simply eradicates sending files back and forth, manually copying and pasting translations and therefore reducing human error.

  • Consistency

    Ensure consistency across all of your marketing collateral through the use of integrated translation memory, market-specific style guides and glossaries (for example, you can specify what is a product name and should not be translated etc)

  • Communication

    Communicate effectively with the translation team. You can simply add instructions for a particular phrase. You can set character limits to help preserve layout. Translators can ask questions right within the platform via a comments function, and your team can respond straight on the platform, greatly reducing endless emails going back and forth.

  • Save Time

    Reduce time spent by employees on manual tasks like file organisation, copy & paste, etc, therefore making the whole translation process faster and more efficient.