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Whether your business is in tourism & hospitality, e-commerce, social media or international trade, speaking to your potential customers and business partners, in their language, is key to getting your brand & marketing message across and to converting interest into business.

Anja Jones Translation is a translation company in Cornwall, England. Our primary focus is on providing good quality translations, with all aspects that this entails.

 We specialise in website and app translation for German and French. (See all our translation services at a glance)

We work closely with Smartling Inc., an NYC-based technology company that provides advanced translation management software. 

Through Smartling, we are privileged to provide German and French translations for clients such as GoPro, Foursquare, YouSendIt, Sony, Jive Software, Vimeo, Kobo and many more.

On our home turf in Cornwall, South-West England, we provide translation services for tourism businesses (such as, Cornish Cycling Tours, St Michael's Hotel etc) as well as for local manufacturers that are looking to export their products, including Roddas, PureVista, Ram Gaskets, IceTrikes and more.

For more information about German translation, French translation, English translation, or any other language, please contact us.

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17 March 2014:

Very excited about translating creative copy for beauty products into French and German this week. We'll have to try them all out, naturally ... :)

13 February 2014:

Super proud to be an official referral partner for Smartling - the smart technology for translating websites, apps and biz docs!

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